Meljourne Woman (n.):

A woman who turns her pain into purpose by helping others persevere.

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Promotional Press Kit Bundle

Promotional Press Kit Bundle

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One of the best ways to promote yourself, your story, and your purpose-driven brand is through positive press. Journalists and media professionals are bombarded every day with hundreds of feature story requests, and we want you to stand out from the rest. We will write and design a 3-page personalized press kit that includes the following elements:


  • An overview of your inspiring and empowering journey;
  • A summary of your background and professional experience;
  • A description of the product(s) and/or service(s) offered by your purpose-driven brand;
  • A fact sheet containing your accomplishments, awards and/or accolades;
  • Impressive examples of prior press releases and/or news coverage;
  • High resolution logos and/or images; 
  • Your contact information.



Your personalized press kit can also be used as an introductory tool for networking purposes. It will serve as a snapshot of what you want the world to know and see about you, your story, and your brand. Once completed, you will have the option of emailing it as an attachment when necessary or printing it out in hard copy. 

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