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On Earth As It Is In Hell

On Earth As It Is In Hell

On Earth As It Is In Hell is Cortina Jackson’s first novel. It is a fictional story, but the main female character was inspired by Cortina’s real-life experience as a domestic violence victim – now survivor.


Cortina wrote this book while she was still married to her second husband. Sadly, her Mr. Right - the handsome, galante police officer who promised her the world - turned out to be a violent, narcissistic monster who abused Cortina physically, mentally, and emotionally for years. As such, this book became part of Cortina’s “exit plan”. In addition to being a positive, cathartic way for her to work through her domestic violence trauma - “On Earth As It Is In Hell” also became an income stream that helped her end her marriage and sustain her freedom. Cortina now uses this book to help other victims of intimate partner abuse.


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