Meljourne Woman (n.):

A woman who turns her pain into purpose by helping others persevere.

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Featured Web Series Guest

Featured Web Series Guest

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We will feature you as an influential Meljourne Woman in our NEW, upcoming web series: "From Pain To Purpose: Celebrating [YOUR NAME] as a Meljourne Woman"! In an exclusive 30 minute episode, our Founder, Melissa Matthews, will interview you about your incredible journey. You will have the opportunity to inspire and empower women around the world who are facing various mountains in lives by:


  • Sharing your story; 
  • Outlining the action-steps you took to overcome your tragedy/adversity and turn it into something positive and purpose-driven; 
  • Celebrating what you are now doing to help others persevere through similar struggles.


You Will Receive

  • 1 hour pre-interview prep session with Melissa Matthews (via Zoom);
  • 1 week of social media promotion;
  • 30 minute episode in our new, upcoming web series entitled ~"From Pain To Purpose: Celebrating [YOUR NAME] as a Meljourne Woman" ~ featuring your exclusive interview with Melissa Matthews (Promoted via YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Meljourne Women's Website).
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