Meljourne Woman (n.):

A woman who turns her pain into purpose by helping others persevere.

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At Meljourne Women, we want to help you fulfill your purpose and achieve your dreams! One of the ways we do that is by connecting you with passionate, skilled Mentors who have triumphantly turned their own painful experiences into powerful, purpose-driven endeavors that now help others persevere. 


The women listed below in Meljourne Women's  new, ever-growing Mentor Directory  have "walked-the-walk". They have been there. They know what this journey is like, and they know how to help you navigate it successfully. Empowered with the lessons they learned and the expertise they acquired, these inspiring Mentors will provide you with the personalized support and guidance you need to thrive both professionally and in life. 


“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself."

~ Oprah Winfrey ~

How A Mentor Can Benefit YOU

Our team at Meljourne Women understands that fulfilling your purpose and achieving your dreams will be the most exciting and the most challenging thing you will ever do.

Studies show that a trusted and reputable Mentor can be instrumental to your success.


Each woman listed in our new, ever-growing Mentor Directory can be a powerful source of support, advice, knowledge, strategies ~ and more ~ specifically tailored to your individual needs. Working with a Mentor is a convenient, all-in-one opportunity to attain your goals while saving both time and money.  

Here are the TOP 3 ways working with a Mentor can benefit you:


Support & Encouragement

Your Mentor will be there to support you when you need it. She will be an understanding ear that listens and a trusted confidante with whom you can share your ideas and feelings. She will inspire you; motivate you; and encourage 

you. Having already walked that mile in similar heels, your Mentor will know how to be the kind of rock and cheerleader you need to succeed both personally and professionally.

88% of Mentees find having a Mentor to lean on invaluable.

(SOURCE: Inc. Magazine)

87% of Mentees credit their Mentors with helping them develop a greater confidence & feeling of empowerment. 



Advice & Perspective

Your Mentor can give you practical insights and tips on what to do ~ and what not to do ~ to achieve your goals. Her personal experience makes her the perfect person to guide you through the complexities of your journey. You will have the unique advantage of learning from her victories and her mistakes. Your Mentor's advice and perspective will be invaluable to you because it comes from an authentic, first-hand knowledge that cannot be learned from a book.

97% of Mentees found working with a Mentor to be valuable.


84% of Mentees credit their  Mentors with helping them avoid costly mistakes. (SOURCE: Harvard Business Review)


Education & Training

Your Mentor can help you develop skills, techniques, and strategies that go beyond what you would traditionally learn in the classroom. She can educate you on proven methods and best practices tailored specifically to your journey. 

Your Mentor can provide you with the tools you need to find and maintain the most effective and efficient path to success.

93% of Mentees with small and medium sized businesses say their Mentors have helped them succeed. 


84% of Mentees became proficient in their roles faster because of Mentors. 

(SOURCE: Harvard Business Review)


“A mentor is someone who helps guide your development."

~ Zoe Amar ~

How To Choose A Mentor  That's Right For YOU

Choosing the Mentor that's right for you is critical to your success!

Here are a few tips to help you make the best decision. 

Know what you want & need.

Know what you want from a Mentor before you start looking for one. *Ask yourself:

What are my goals?

In what areas could I

use some guidance? 

What skills do I need help developing so I can be successful? 

Browse through our Mentor Directory.

Review every Mentor's profile. Check out their stories, bios, resumes, and areas of expertise. Read any reviews left by other mentees. Look at their calendars to determine their availability & hourly Mentoring rate. 

Create a"short list" of your top choices.

Select 2-3 Mentors who you believe could best help you achieve your goals. Your top choices should be strong in the areas you want to develop & proficient in the skills you want to improve. Proven track records of success is also very important.

Vet each candidate thoroughly.

Do your research! Type their names into your internet search engine & see what comes up. If they have a website, go through it. Read any testimonials you find. Check out their social media posts. Request references.  

Choose the Mentor that best fits you.

When choosing the Mentor that is right for you ~ be judicious, be practical, be strategic. A good Mentor will guide you & support you; educate & encourage you; inspire & empower you. A good Mentor will help you navigate your journey successfully!


“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself."

~ Oprah Winfrey ~

Mentor Directory 

Welcome to Meljourne Women's new, ever-growing Mentor Directory!
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