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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Meljourne Woman. We understand that sharing the details of a traumatic experience can be very difficult, so we have the utmost respect for the courage you are exhibiting in submitting this application!

As you complete your response to each question below, please be as candid and thorough as possible. Our Selection Process has a total of FOUR Rounds, and it is often the applicants who provide the most detailed responses that get advanced further.

We look forward to learning more about you and your incredible journey!

Best Wishes,

The Meljourne Team

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EX: What was the date of your tragedy? If your tragedy was progressive (domestic violence, etc.), when did it begin?
EX: What did you do? What choices did you make? What strategies did you implement? (etc.)
EX: Do you provide services that help people persevere? If so, what are they? Have you created a product that helps people persevere? if so, what is it? Have you started a group, business, or organization? If so, what is your mission?
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