Meljourne Woman (n.):

A woman who turns her pain into purpose by helping others persevere.

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 Melissa's Journey

Melissa Matthews is the original Meljourne Woman!

“Why me?” These were the words that echoed through Melissa Matthews' head as she struggled to regain consciousness at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York. She woke up the day before thinking it was just going to be another ordinary day. Within hours, she was trapped beneath a heap of mangled metal and shattered glass ~ convulsing from shock and blood loss ~ waiting to be extricated from the wreckage of a head-on collision that was so severe it caused the bones in the left side of her body to rip through her skin and winter clothing upon impact.


As Melissa angrily stared at the machine now moving her leg, little did she know that her experience would become the catalyst for a life-changing, personal journey. A journey riddled with pain, disabilities, discrimination, poverty, and isolation. A journey full of self-discovery, determination, resilience, faith, and hope. A journey that would lead her to finding and accepting her “new normal” – a place where perseverance transcends despair, and courage replaces fear. A place where today's women now come to share their real-life stories of turning pain into purpose by helping others persevere.


This inspiring and empowering endeavor has become known as Meljourne Women!

"meljourne" (v.):

To turn pain into purpose by helping others persevere through similar adversity.

Our Mission

To celebrate & cultivate Meljourne Women around the world through meaningful multimedia products & services.


“The Promise lies within each & every one of us. It is a transforming, purpose-driven light that inspires our perseverance & empowers us to meljourne our pain. When The Promise within us is alit, the darkness of tragedy ceases to exists."

~ Melissa Matthews ~


Our Vision

A world where every woman is a

Meljourne Woman.